New issues here on boringday...

I've decided that the world is not complete with out my friendship bracelets being in them. They are good for just about anything. You can use them for alot of different things. To give to a new friend that you make. Or you can wear them for fasion. They look good hanging from zippers of school bags, or i can even make you an anklet. I also can make any number of them u want, for say party favors. Theres plenty you can do with my bracelets. Contact me and let me know. I'll send you information on pricing. I can also make any color combination that you would like.

Autumn Picture...
Autumn is by far my most upsetting season, but I just have to love autumn with all the pretty colors...Thats why I love to make friendship bracelets too. See my other page about that.




Look for my article on Men who love women who look to good..... Simple as a click on Rants-n-Raves. I've decided to keep this article on because its still a hellish problem in this world that men would love women who look to good and therefore cause their own dilemma. So my hats off to you men who like all women not just the few the thin and the tall hotties.


That article was a classic, but it has also been lost in the update of the website cause i am such a dummy. I will eventually get another replacement article that is just as opionated and swell